Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Money can't buy you love ... but it can enhance your kids' brain development

(h/t The Beattles)

"What's in your wallet? Maybe the future of your children's brains. Socioeconomic status and cognition are linked through brain structure, study shows."

Here is new research on the relation between measures of brain development and economic well-being - reported in the LA Times (and reprinted in the Daily Star).

Not only does mom and dad's salary appear to account for variability in surface area of children's brains, but a small raise for those on the low- or middle-income scale seems to have a disproportionately bigger effect on children's brain size and scores on cognitive tests, according to the study, published online in the journal Nature Neuroscience.

So, if you want to make progress toward equal opportunity and alleviating poverty (not that everyone does), increase economic well-being for those in the lower income brackets. Start with a minimum wage above the poverty line. It's not a cost - it's an investment (in those who will eventually pay taxes to support your retirement).

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