Thursday, April 16, 2015

Today's Must Read: While Diane Douglas fiddles, AZ education burns

Dodger Douglas and Dicey Ducey are preoccupied with education regulations. If only, they say, we could reduce regulations education would flourish and we would all get rich. (See next two posts here.)

The real problem, though, is that AZ has won the race to the bottom when it comes to education funding. Here is a scathing op-ed at, "My Turn: Arizona's 52nd in per-pupil funding, and teachers only come here if they have to. Is this really what we want?" Here is a teaser.

Arizona is not "throwing money" at education. It is dead last in per pupil funding, and, under the recently enacted budget, will stay there. Think of the states you've laughed at. West Virginia hillbillies? Them straw suckin' hicks in the Ozarks? Dueling banjos in backwoods Georgia? Each places a higher value on education than we do.

Why do politicians, who favor financial incentives to encourage business, act as though educators are immune to their attraction? Finland has the world's best public schools. Teachers in Finland make roughly half of what Finnish doctors earn. That works.

Arizona does the opposite. In Arizona, a starting teacher makes less than a starting prison guard, and $12,000 a year less than the national average for a Costco worker.

Read this one. Then get mad. Then commit to getting even in 2016.

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