Wednesday, April 8, 2015


Three good op-eds in GV News this morning: funding public education, controlling the hawks, and why climate science does not and should not debate denialist politics

(1) Former principal of the Continental School, Virginia Juettner, lists the actions that could be taken to destroy public education in AZ. Il Duce and his Little Shop of Horrors is well on the way to getting it done. Here is some of what she has to say.

Arizona has a constitutional mandate to provide public education. The Arizona state Legislature and its governor need to recognize that underfunding education and undermining our education system comes with a cost. There is an ongoing economic cost and the loss of informed, well educated citizens to sustain our democracy. Is the unwillingness to determine what is needed and find those resources worth this ongoing education crisis including the current teacher shortage crisis? Do people really think if we just have another bake sale or school supply drive or appoint yet another community group to study the problem that everything will be OK?

It is impossible to negotiate or persuade individuals who believe that public education needs to be eliminated. Given the evidence, the way funding is allocated and the double standard with regard to compliance with state law, funding for public education is not just about balancing the budget. All we can hope for is that the majority of our citizens will recognize what is happening, rise up and take action to save our schools and our country.

(2) Mike Moore relates how Ike asserted control over hawks like Curtis LeMay who wanted to start a nuclear war.

(3) Bill Sacks explains why Dr. Jonathan Overpeck was correct in not entering into a "debate" with climate change deniers.

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