Friday, April 3, 2015

UPDATE: Pending bills in AZLEG (aka Little Shop of Horrors)

Looks like the Shop of Horrors closed for the season. See report from Daily Star here.

On Il Duce's desk

HB2407 - Long list of requirements for ballot measures - passed House with party line vote and transmitted to Gov.

HB2415 - Increases campaign contribution limits - passed House (Ackerley voted no) - transmitted to Gov

2643 - Another sovereignty bill: "Prohibits the state and its political subdivisions from using any personnel or financial resources to enforce, administer or cooperate with the Affordable Care Act." Passed both House (Ackerley - yes) and Senate (Begay - yes). Gov will get it today.

HB2609 - previously SB1273 - REAL ID - (aka AZ do-not-fly list if not passed) - House passed w/ bipartisan vote.

These died as of sine die (I think)

SB1339 - collecting more than 2 ballots is a felony - due for 3rd read in House today

1237 - relaxes requirements on campaign finance reporting by independent expenditure groups

1172 - amendment imposes gag on school districts

1340 - voter suppression - resurrection of HB2305 which voters turned down last year

2180 - assessment menu

2055/2058/2368 - gaggle of sovereignty bills - entrails to feed the moon howlers

2069 - dimwitted idea to reduce income tax proportional to increased sales tax collection (aka "Why we don't have the money to fund education")

2431 - AZ's treaty with other like-minded gun-totin' countries (oops, states)

Apologies if I've missed any that might be on the most egregious list. You can check out all these, and more, at

Just to shorten the list, these are disposed of, one way or another

SCR1001 - Repeals clean election law - Daily Star reports this one passed, but says it did not get the votes in the House (Ackerley-no) and failed.

1318 - abortion bill - SIGNED by DUCE - applauded by Herrod.

2001 - income tax indexing, a gift to the rich - SIGNED by DUCE (Well, he said he would do it during the campaign.)

2190 - anti-common-core measure - KILLED IN SENATE

2246 - Ackerley's leave-assessment-decisions-to-parents bill - KILLED IN SENATE. Very strange voting pattern, actually bipartisan in both directions.

2320 - guns everywhere - KILLED IN SENATE

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