Thursday, April 16, 2015

Will Dicey Ducey let 200K Arizonans lose their health insurance?

Here is the story from Laurie Roberts at

While Gov. Doug Ducey hops aboard his "opportunity express" bus today to celebrate 100 days in office, about 200,000 Arizonans might be wondering about their opportunity to get decent health care soon.

Ducey on Friday quietly signed House Bill 2643, barring the state from spending any public money to run a health insurance exchange under the Affordable Care Act.

[Point 1] ... the U.S. Supreme Court could soon bar federal exchanges from offering subsidized coverage.

[Point 2] Ducey told reporters on Tuesday that he won't budge on Arizona running an exchange if the Supreme Court bars subsidies via a federally-run exchange. "I'm not in favor of a state exchange. I've been outspoken on this issue and what my opinion is of Obamacare and that I'm no fan of it," he told reporters on Tuesday. "But let's see how the court rules. And then we will have a plan of action."

Then? Like I said yesterday (quoting from Beyond Thunderdome): "PLAN? There ain't no plan!"

Come June there could be a lot of people out there very worried about their health care. But then again maybe not. If they voted for Il Duce their faith in the GOP might outweigh their need for health insurance. For such folks faith will always trump science ... on their way to the ER.

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