Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Atlanta TV station exposes ALEC and its corrupting influence on legislation

When the Media Matters reporter got too in-the-face of an ALEC staffer, the off-duty sheriff deputies were summoned. When the reporter said he was a guest at the hotel hosting the ALEC meeting, here's what happened:

Reporter: "I'm a paying guest at the hotel."

Deputy: "Not for long ... we'll take care of that."

The deputies were unable to answer questions about what law was being broken that caused their intervention. (Hint: no law, just inconvenient questions for ALEC.) See? You need to view this one. It's got good guys, bad guys, and backroom conspiracies galore. Here is the Media Matters link to the TV report.

BTW, as a follow-up to yesterday's post on moral bankruptcy: we elect these idiotors so that they can be paid off by ALEC to let corporations do their idiotive work for them. And, at least in Gaw-ga, they do not have to report their earnings from ALEC. Damn, Arizona. Do something worse quick. You are falling behind in the Race to the Bottom.

h/t Victoria Steele and Jo Holt and others sharing the video on Facebook

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