Sunday, May 17, 2015

College student confronts Jeb, accuses Dubya of creating ISIS

Yesterday I blogged about the Bush fire ignited by Jeb Bush's bumbles. Steve Benen at msnbc/RachelMaddowShow adds another incident to that list.

A 19-year old college student, Ivy Ziedrich, got herself a ticket to a Bush event and was able to ask Shrub the Younger why he keeps insisting that Obama is responsible for ISIS when Shrub the Elder was the one who invaded and broke Iraq. Bush stumbled his way through the response mumbling about "rewriting history." He should know. He's doing it.

Ivy was featured on the Lawrence O'Donnell show The Last Word on the 14th. Check out Benen's article for the transcript and a link to the video of the interview with this student.

BTW: Ivy is a Young Democrat. That's the feel-good story for today.

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