Sunday, May 17, 2015

crAZy Republican lawmakers kick the sick

Of course they do. The Daily Star has the story. They are out to overturn the medicaid expansion.

Here is what happened.

What [then Gov. Jan] Brewer crafted was allowing AHCCCS Director Tom Betlach to levy a fee on hospitals to pay the state’s share. That brought in $270 million for the last budget year.

The hospitals, however, did not object, figuring they would more than make up the difference because more patients would have insurance coverage. Bolick puts the net gain to the hospitals at $407 million.

The measure was approved, but only with a simple majority. The lawmakers on the losing side, who had enough votes to block the plan if it required a two-thirds vote, sued.

Here is the issue the GOPlins are pushing.

Attorneys for the Republican legislators who voted against the 2013 legislation hope to convince Maricopa County Superior Court Judge Katherine Cooper the levy on hospitals used to fund the expansion is a tax and not, as backers claim, simply an assessment.

That distinction is crucial as a voter-approved constitutional amendment requires a two-thirds vote of both the House and Senate for any new tax. The levy pushed through by Jan Brewer when she was governor fell short of that.

Everyone knows that there is no way that the idioture will ever, ever drum up enough votes to meet the 2/3 threshold. So if the GOPlins are successful, kiss the $270 million and and accompanying federal bucks goodby. And welcome lots folks to sick and sicker because the idiotors they voted for are dumb and dumber.

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