Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Diane Douglas in the news (unfortunately)

This time it's about access to teacher files - or is it?

Douglas tried to fire Board of Education staff because those staffers were supporting the Board's position on standard (aka Common Core) which Douglas detests. Ducey over-ruled her with the result that the Board staff moved into the executive building. Douglas has a law suit pending on that issue of control over the Board's staff. Now the Board may take legal action against Douglas about access to teacher certification records. From the Daily Star:

Already embroiled in one lawsuit, the state Board of Education on Monday gave schools chief Diane Douglas until the end of the day Tuesday to give its investigators unfettered access to teacher records or possibly end up in court.

You could view this, as Douglas has claimed, as a matter of constitutional authority over the Board employees. Or you could see it as a matter of access to records. But the real issue, Scriber continues to assert, is whether Douglas will faithfully execute Board policy with respect to standards - which she will not. All the rest is skirmishing around this central issue.

If the Superintendent of Public Instruction was hired by the Board, and was not an elected office, there would be no issue at all. Douglas would simply be fired for failure to carry out Board policy. The only recourse now is the recall effort. Let's fire Douglas at the ballot box.

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