Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Diane Douglas throwing hissy fit

Laurie Roberts at The Republic has some choice remarks about Superintendent for Public Instruction Diane Douglas. It boils down to this. Douglas had no idea what she was getting into when she campaigned against Common Core, a version of which was already being implemented by the State Board of Education. Come to find out, the Board sets policy, and Douglas does not. So she throws said fit, tries to fire Board employees, and rolls out a law suit. All on the taxpayers' dime.

And it's not over. The fit will get hissier (to coin a word). Douglas would like us to believe that she is acting nobly.

Still, Douglas pledges that her ongoing feud won't be a distraction.

"I will continue to focus on improving the education of Arizona's children," she said,

Roberts' one-word reaction: "Continue?"

Scriber's one-word reaction: the name for droppings from a male cow.

UPDATE: What'd I say? The Daily Star reports: Douglas defies Board of Education and denies access to records.

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