Saturday, May 16, 2015

Diane Douglas watch: She is suing the Board of Education to get staffers back

So she can once again fire them, I guess. Here is the story from the Daily Star.

... she wants an order requiring the 11 employees, who moved a week ago to their own separate offices without Douglas’ consent, "to return to work at the superintendent’s office ... and submit to the direction of the superintendent," and authorization to fire workers who refuse.

Refuse to do what?

Douglas contends her election last year provided a mandate to implement the policies on which she campaigned. That notably includes scrapping the Common Core academic standards the board adopted in 2010.

Douglas does hate those standards. So she wants the power to fire those who are working to make the standards work. But there is a catch.

It is the board, however, that is empowered to make such policy decisions. And Douglas is only one member of the board.

The board not only backs the standards, but has continued to award contracts for testing linked to them, and instructed its staffers to implement those policies.

A parallel report is in The Republic/

State Superintendent of Public Instruction Diane Douglas has asked Maricopa Country Superior Court to rule that she, in essence, controls the staff of the Arizona State Board of Education.

If it were just that simple one might see it as a matter of micromanagement by the Board. But the real question is whether Douglas will carry out the policies set by the Board (per AZ statutes) and treat the staff accordingly. I see no sign of that coming from Douglas. If she succeeds in her bid for absolute control, expect more attempts to fire Board staff and counter punches by the Board.

Stay tuned for four more years of pugilist politics brought to you by Diane Douglas. Thank you Republican voters.

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