Thursday, May 7, 2015

Exceptionalism watch: Up against the wall U. S. mothers

If you are an infant, our nation's capitol is dangerous to your health - unless your family is rich. That was the theme of my post yesterday about infant mortality in the U. S. Now Daily Kos reports on a study showing that being a mother in the U. S. is not so good either.

Women in the United States face a 1 in 1,800 risk of maternal death, the worst odds of any developed country in the world, according to the report.

At 33rd, the U.S. ranks behind Croatia (30), Poland (28), Belarus (25), Portugal (16) and Italy (12). For some context, the monthly minimum wage in Portugal is less than 600 euros a month.

The top 10 best countries to be a mother are almost all European countries (from 1st to 10th): Norway, Finland, Iceland, Denmark, Sweden, Netherlands, Spain, Germany, Australia and Belgium.

So, U. S. mothers, there are 32 other countries in which your chances of surviving childbirth are better.

(w/ apologies to Jerry Jeff Walker whose version of Up Against the Wall Redneck Mother is on YouTube here.)

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