Wednesday, May 20, 2015

"The GOP still doesn’t get it on Iraq"

Katrina vanden Heuvel writing in the Washington Post faults the GOP, and som Dems as well, for a hawkish world view in which military intervention is the seen as a solution to, but in fact creates, problems abroad and at home. You might recall that Presidential candidate Jeb Bush when asked if he would have invaded Iraq given what we now know, he essentially said he would. Then, amidst criticism from both left and right (and other GOP contenders for the Presidency) he waffled his way into saying the opposite. But the fundamental attitudes that got us into that ongoing, disastrous military escapade remain.

Although Bush has disavowed his original statement, neither he nor his chief opponents have disavowed the hawkish worldview that led to the disastrous invasion of Iraq. And, unfortunately, it’s a worldview shared by too many in the Democratic Party who have not learned their lesson. Indeed, it remains an open question whether Hillary Clinton has learned hers. What we should be debating in 2016 is how much the U.S. commitment to police the world detracts from dealing with the real security needs of its people and the globe. Such a real security policy would make military intervention a last resort and seriously address the growing dangers posed by the broken global economy, catastrophic climate change and metastasizing inequality.

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