Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Grand Old Poobah faults Obama for losing Iraq war, starts chanting la-la-la in response to reporters' questions

Certainly the first part is true, but our Senator would never tune out hard questions. Or would he?

GOP Senator John McCain dodged questions about who signed off on the troop withdrawal. And did not even come close to addressing who started the war in the first place. (Hint: same former President did both.)

You might have caught this report in the print version of the Daily Star (but not yet at tucson.com). The story is in other various places as well; here is the link to the report in the Yuma Sun. And here is the concluding remark from crooksandLiars.com.

McCain is more than happy to ignore the lessons of history every time he opens his mouth and tries to revise it. The surge did not work. Leaving ground troops in Iraq was only going to delay the inevitable after we went in there and blew that place up and allowed a huge segment of the population in Iraq to be marginalized. And we weren't going to get a new status of forces agreement out of the Iraqis and McCain knows it. None that makes any difference to McCain though because no matter what happens, McCain and Graham's solution for everything is always more war.

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