Friday, May 15, 2015

Guy is conservative, guy is going blind, guy did not take care of diabetes, guy did not apply for ACA, guy blames Obama

What could be more logical?

Oops. Scriber knows better. The Tea Potty and GOPlins have tapped into this guy's 90% elephant. He really, really believes that Obamacare is the spawn of the devil. He stood on principal - even though principal pried his retina loose from his stroke-ridden brain. And now the prognosis is that he will eventually be dependent, completely, on the gummint he so despises. And he will spend the rest of his days hating Obama as the cause of his maladies. That's the 10% rider talking. The GOP indoctrinates their base with batshit craziness and when it comes home to roost the rationalizing is funny/sad/sickening (take your pick) to witness. Read the two posts (one and another) at Daily Kos.

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