Saturday, May 9, 2015

Here is more on the Scottish National Party victory from Rachel Maddow

Last night Rachel reported on how elections in the UK last 38 days. Elections in our country last 100s of days! Oh, I get it. Socialism is inefficient. We need time for the free market to work. If we only had 38 days, how would the Koch heads spend their money? Think of all the income lost by the media. Etc.

But for me the real story was Rachel's reporting on how the vote went in Scotland. Before the election, the Labour party had 41 of the Scottish parliamentary seats, the Liberal party had 11, and the Scottish National Party (SNP) had only 6. (Conservatives only had one.) But after the election, the SNP captured 56 leaving Labour and Liberal parties to share 2. For the SNP that is a shift from 10% of the seats to 95%! As far as elections anywhere go, this was like the Yellowstone volcano blowing its top.

One potential implication, Rachel notes, is for the UK nuclear submarine fleet. Guess where in the UK it's located. Guess which part of the UK doesn't want it.

Here is the link to the video clip of Rachel's reporting on UK elections last night (and more). The UK/Scottish segment starts at the 3:50 marker.

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