Thursday, May 7, 2015

Here is a story that could be morphed into a slogan about GOPlin disdain for ordinary Americans

From Daily Kos. A waitress serving KS Gov. Brownback put an X in the tip line on his bill and wrote "tip the schools". The response from the Executive Director of the KS State Republican Committee is telling.

Ms. Hough [the waitress] posted the image of the Governor's tab, with her writing on it, to her Facebook page, whereupon it immediately went viral: "Honestly, I wasn’t expecting a tip," she said. "I was trying to make a point."

In typical Republican fashion, rather than address her concerns about education policy in Kansas, Clay Barker, the Executive Director of the Kansas State Republican Committee, decided to viciously attack Ms. Hough. In a post on KNS TV's Facebook page, Barker summed up the feelings of the Kansas Republican Party towards this woman working for tips at less than minimum wage:

"So you are publicizing her arrogant stupidity and utter ignorance. Typical liberal KS media," he wrote.

Barker later continued, telling The Topeka Capital-Journal by email:

"And yes it is perfectly in line with the party’s role — we get to say what everyone is thinking."

The bottom line is that GOPlins do not care about that waitress or what she thinks.

Clayton Barker simply articulated how much the Republican Party cares about Ms. Hough's concerns, Kansas schools, or anyone else suffering from the GOP's disastrous economic policies.

Which is, to say, not at all.

I invite your ideas about a simple slogan expressing the message one might take from this incident. The winning slogan will be featured on this blog and the winner will receive an all expense paid trip to Hawaii. (All expenses being paid by the winner.)

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