Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Il Duce's pattern of disregard for law

Gov. Doug Ducey (or as I christened him quite a while back, Il Duce) has a pattern of questionable executive actions. AZBlueMeanie at B4AZ lists them all. My worry is the move to create an executive police force answerable only to Il Duce. AZBlueMeanie quotes from Laurie Roberts at azcentral.com:

While he was busy killing off Weights and Measures, Ducey was also creating his own secret police force. The new Inspector General’s Office, we are told, will keep an eye out for fraud and waste.

You know, like the Attorney General’s Office does?

Under Ducey’s plan, the new IG would be "a law enforcement agency that confers all investigative powers and privileges appurtenant to a law enforcement agency under state law."

Inspectors will carry badges, have subpoena power and report directly to the governor. And oh yeah, as proposed, their work will be confidential.

AZBlueMeanie continues:

"A political appointee who reports to politician boss & has police powers to conduct secret investigations," tweeted Republican Scott Smith, who ran for governor last year. "What could possibly go wrong?"

What went "wrong" is that Il Duce Gov. Ducey failed to get legislative approval for his secret police Blackshirts. He is still negotiating a bill with legislative leaders for the next legislative session. Given his track record so far, they would be damn fools to give him a secret police force to abuse the powers of his office any further.

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