Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Sierra Club report card has environmental voting grades for local legislators and state leaders: Who got an A and who got an F?

A+ for Rosanna Gabaldon (Dem LD2 Representative) - "Conservation Champion"

A for Andrea (Dalessandro, Dem LD2 Senator) - "Environmental Guardian"

D for Dicey Duce aka Il Duce (GOP crAZy Governor, sad but true)

And, at The Bottom of the Pack (sung to "Leader of the Pack") ...

F for Chris Ackerley (GOP LD2 Representative)

Heads up: if you were willing to give Ackerley a pass for his vote against Duce's bad budget, think again. His voting pattern in this last session was overwhelmingly GOPlin. 100% for for state sovereignty. 100% for guns. And now from the Sierra Club, 100% out of sync with environmentalist positions.

For a look back at one of the all girl groups, check out this video of the Shangri-Las singing "Leader of the Pack".

For more grades and analysis of the legislative session, check out the Sierra Club report card here.

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