Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Texas dragnet snags GOP Rep. Louis Gohmert in mass incarceration move

The recently completed action by Texas law enforcement rounded up young men of color, Latinos and Blacks, mainly. They were jailed for days while awaiting arraignment on various minor charges. Despite their protestations of innocence, the state of Texas Governor Greg Abbott said the dragnet was justified. "It is especially worrisome at this critical time when the US military is trying to take over Texas", Abbott said. "I have evidence that the military exercises were a pretense for recruiting those young thugs. So we decided to take preemptive action." Abbott did not respond to questions about his "evidence." He did express regret that Congressman Gohmert was caught up in the dragnet: "You can't make an omelet without busting some balls."


Well, that was fun.

Here is the serious thing. Gohmert loves mass incarceration. And the statistics, summarized by AZBlueMeanie, show how prison-crazy America has become. Sad, and scary. Meanie's post has some very good talking points - easy sound bites easy to use.

See the next post for more about the military exercise that has Abbott so out of sorts.

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