Saturday, May 23, 2015

The Four-Profit-Men of the Edupocalypse: Profit, Power, Property, and Predation

An operetta in one act presenting a musical look at the state of education in crAZy.

Profit - Tenor Doug Duce, soprano Diva Douglas, and basso profundo Greg Miller joined by the AZ idioture in cacophony mode singing "Let the good times role."

Power - A duet by tenor Il Duce and hyper-soprano Douglas. "The power and glory are mine." "Are not." "Are too." "Are not." "Are too."

Property - A trio by the Miller family celebrating their good fortune. (Sung to the tune of "Gravity" by John Mayer.)

Predation - a finale with all of the above backed by the idiotive chorus singing "We were for free markets until we were against them."

As you know, there is a huge battle going on between Diane Douglas and Il Duce, and between Diane Douglas and Greg Miller, President of the State Board of Education. There is more to this than the headlines. I've been mislead into thinking that there is a good guy in this mix. There is not.

Here is the background with investigative reporting by Ann-Eve Pedersen in a stunning video essay at Tucson Weekly/The Range on what's really going on. David Saffier summed it up in his reaction: "speechless." More from David:

The battles between Diane Douglas and the Ducey-supported state Board of Education have been all over the papers and The Range recently. What's going on is a power struggle. The outcome will help determine the kind of policy that comes out of the state education administration, but right now, the two sides are jostling for position, not policy.

In most reports, we hear more about Douglas' agenda than about the Board's. This video is a bit of a corrective. Remember back when, when Douglas said Ducey and the board president, Gregory Miller, want to move money from district schools to charters? You'll learn more about that, and about President Miller, in the video by Ann-Eve Pedersen, my cohost on the cable access show, Education: The Rest of the Story (which, by the way, may end its run shortly if Access Tucson is forced to close its doors).

Fun fact: Gregory Miller is CEO and Superintendent of Challenge Charter School in Glendale—population, about 530 students. His salary is $122,000. His wife, Pamela, the Executive Director and Vice President, also gets a $122,000 salary. Their daughter, Wendy, is principal and secretary of the school. Her salary is $99,000. Watch the video to find out who determined their salaries.

We don't need Duce's financial reform of public education. We need legislation to get responsible oversight over the charter school industry. (I know, dream on ...)

Anyway, you should view the video by Pedersen and then help make it go viral.

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