Friday, May 29, 2015

The real plot to overthrow FDR's America

Ten years ago, in 2005, Daily Kos published a report on the attempted Fascist coup during the 1930s. The plot really happened, the press suppressed the story, and no one was ever prosecuted. Big business was in it up to it's neck and the attempted coup was revealed by a General of the US Marines. It became the stimulus for a best selling alternative history novel by Phillip Roth, The Plot Against America. Both Roth's fictional account and the factual Daily Kos report are well worth reading.

The right wingers in America learned from various coup attempts that failed. Most do. For a takeover to succeed, it needs to have the support of a sizable number of the people and that takes time to develop. The right wingers have played a long game slowly taking control of America by campaigns of disinformation delivered via spineless media and supported by lots and lots of money. The real plot to overthrow FDR's America has been underway for the better part of the last half century.

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