Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Anti-taxers will raise taxes ...

... on the sick and poor.

There was a piece in Monday's Daily Star about how states like Kansas are going bust trying to stick to the pledge to not raise taxes. But they can't do it so they are levying a new tax burden on the bottom 20%. David Safier, reporting at Tucson Weekly/The Range, found the original article on Boomberg Politics.

Here's the simple fact facing the anti-taxers. (Quoting from the original Bloomberg article)

'There's a threshold, even for Republicans, where they don't want to cut spending any further,' said Scott Pattison, executive director of the National Association of State Budget Officers in Washington.
The important questions are, (1) Where is that budget cutting threshold — at what point do anti-tax addicts hit bottom and admit they have a problem, and (2) what kind of new revenue sources will they create?

There's gotta come a time when even Ducey and his gang of Republican legislators have to admit they need to raise taxes, right? (And there should be a time long before that when Democrats get brave enough to make a strong statement to that effect). It has to happen somewhere down the line. Things can't keep on sliding downhill forever. And when the time comes, the media and the Democrats have to be ready to ask, Who's going to bear the burden of the tax increases? The answer should be, the overall state tax burden should be progressive. The more money you make, the higher percentage you should pay. But if the current soak-the-poor tax rates are any indication, that's not the way the Republicans are going to play it. Currently, the share of family income paid in state and local Arizona taxes by people at the top, middle and bottom of the economic spectrum is wildly skewed the wrong way. The top one percent of earners pay 4.6 percent of their incomes on state and local taxes. The lowest 20 percent pays 12.5 percent. For the families between the two extremes, it's the same pattern. The more you make, the lower percentage you pay. Republicans, if they have to find new revenues, will be happy to continue the trend if they can get away with it.

If you are sick or poor in crAZy, wait for it. Your tax bill will rise and you will be sicker and poorer.

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