Sunday, June 7, 2015

AZ House Speaker cuts JTED budget and then saves bucks on car repairs at Vail JTED program

Did David Gowan do that number on the education budget alone? Of course not. Our anti-tax Gov. Il Duce approved, as did the majority Republicans in both AZ House and AZ Senate. These GOPlins trashed reasonable budget building process in favor of back-room deals. But I digress.

AZ Daily Star columnist Tim Steller reports how House Speaker David Gowan was complicit in the awful decisions that led to a cut in education funding generally and JTED specifically, then visited the Vail program, was impressed with it, and saved nearly $1,000 on car repairs using that program.

When state House Speaker David Gowan toured Andrada Polytechnic High School in Vail on April 27, he learned about the health-care and biosciences programs there, and he even played bass with the school’s rock band.

He also got a money-saving tip: Under the guidance of expert teachers, auto shop students at Andrada High School repair vehicles for members of the public for minimal cost. They only charge for discount-priced parts and a nominal labor fee.

Over the next month, Gowan took in three vehicles for service. The total savings, compared to having the work done at a regular shop, adds up to about $1,000, auto shop teacher Jim Nelson estimated.

Gowan’s use of the shop disturbed enough people that word of it spread around town and up to Phoenix over the last couple of weeks. Why did it disturb them, when anyone can use the service? In March, the budget passed by the chamber he leads included $30 million in cuts that begin in 2016 and could spell doom for all the state’s JTED, or Joint Technical Educational District, programs, such as Andrada’s auto shop.

You might call it hypocrisy, or maybe chutzpah, or maybe simple naivete on Gowan’s part as to how such a thing looks.

I'll stick with hypocrisy. GOPlins don't give a s#*t about how such things look.

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