Saturday, June 6, 2015

Clinton asked: "What part of Democracy are they afraid of?" Here is an answer.

Hillary Clinton asked that question of Republicans in her speech on voting rights. Steve Benen in a post to the Maddow Blog suggests some answers.

The challenge for Clinton’s Republican critics is finding something substantively wrong with her proposals, which isn’t easy. We know from recent history that the GOP’s coordinated assault on voting rights, and imposition of voter-suppression schemes unseen since the days of Jim Crow, has positioned the party firmly against voting rights. Indeed, the Republican-led Congress won’t even consider repairs to the Voting Rights Act, gutted by their allies on the Supreme Court.

But GOP officials and presidential candidate[s] can’t come right out and say they’re hostile to voting rights, and they certainly can’t admit that they want to restrict Americans’ access to their own democracy. So how in the world are they supposed to respond to Clinton’s ambitious plan?

Benen lists responses from Walker and Christie and then continues.

Look, I don’t really expect Republican presidential candidates to endorse Clinton’s ideas or applaud her speeches. It’s a campaign. They’re supposed to draw distinctions and offer competing visions. I get it.

But to say that a universal, automatic voter registration system is intended to create voter fraud [as Christie did] – or worse, "greater" acts of fraud – isn’t just wrong, it’s lazy.

It will be interesting to watch the GOPlins tie themselves in knots trying to respond to Clinton's proposals. Imagine a campaign poster of Scott Walker as a stand-in for Uncle Sam pointing at the reader captioned "We don't need you!"


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