Saturday, June 6, 2015

Dicey Ducey's ducats: Il Duce proposes to fund education by raiding the principal to pay the interest

Our Gov. Duce does not want to find tax revenue to pay for public education. The idioture does not want to pay what they owe to education. But they shower corporations with tax breaks. And now Duce wants to rob the land trust to pay a piddling amount - an increase so modest that it would raise AZ from 50th in per pupil spending to 49th, just barely beating out South Dakota. Whoopee.

Before you complain about my sarcasm, check out this Facebook post from AZ State Senator Steve Farley.

In about a half hour [that would be Thursday last], Gov. Ducey will hold a press conference to announce that, despite his recent actions in signing a budget that slashed education at all levels, he really does support funding our schools. Please don't be fooled.

His "new" idea involves asking the voters in November 2016 to approve state land trust reform (something that has failed at the ballot for decades) to allow $300 more per student to be spent on K-12 education in the next five years, cut to $150 more per student in the following five years, then cut to $0 more after ten years. This is achieved by eating into the principal of our state land trust that is already designed to support education, and puts us at risk of losing it if the stock market goes south again.

And let's keep things in perspective -- According to new figures from the US Census Bureau (from 2013, before the recent additional cuts), AZ is 50th in the country in state spending on K-12 students, $2,534 less than the national average. $300 more would squeak us just ahead of South Dakota for 49th place. And that's only if this $300 isn't intended to simply supplant the $300 more per student that a judge has already ordered the state to pay to our schools in voter-approved inflation funds, but which the Governor and Legislature are fighting.

The problem in education funding in Arizona is huge, caused directly by the Legislature's and the Governor's longstanding addiction to corporate tax loopholes (at least $12 billion a year given away form the sales tax code alone) and corporate tax cuts (nearly $4 billion a year in cuts enacted since 1990).

Raiding the seed corn just to say you solved the problem doesn't cut it. Fund education by eliminating the corporate giveaways. Now.

Please share, so the truth can come out.

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