Thursday, June 4, 2015

Of course not: Republican plan for health care if SCOTUS does a hit on Obamacare

Again, from Mad Max: "Plan? There ain't no plan."

Greg Sargent has another Morning Plum piece in the Washington Post on the nonexistent contingency plans to protect the millions of people to be thrown off health insurance if the Supreme Court rules against Obamacare subsidies.

Prepare to be shocked, shocked, shocked! It’s increasingly looking like Republicans won’t have any contingency plan in place if the Supreme Court guts subsidies for millions in three dozen federal exchange states. Jonathan Cohn has a must-read this morning in which he reports that there are no signs of any public Congressional debate among Republicans about this contingency fix.

As Cohn notes, there’s a reason Republicans aren’t offering any temporary contingency fix or broader health reform alternative: They don’t agree with the idea of "creating a truly universal coverage system in which everybody has access, regardless of income or health," because that "requires some combination of regulation, taxes and redistribution."

The GOPlins really do not believe that government has any role in protecting its citizens. And they are willing to let harm befall millions of people in pursuit of their ideology.

... many state officials from red states that stand to lose subsidies are concluding that they don’t have any real options to fix subsidies themselves. Even in states where some want to do that, other Republicans may stand in the way. If that happens, state officials will likely demand that the federal government — meaning Congressional Republicans — act. Scott Walker is already doing this. But it’s looking like Congressional Republicans won’t act. Even if they do manage to offer a contingency fix, it will likely also repeal the provisions that make Obamacare work — which means it will be all about drawing a presidential veto for the political blame game that follows.

Thus, in all probability nothing will be done for all these people, leading to a very nasty, protracted political battle over the fallout. Which explains why Republicans are already laying plans to blame Obama and Democrats for it.

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