Friday, June 26, 2015

Playing a zero-sum game while awaiting another cliff-hanger from SCOTUS

The posts here today cover a national sigh of relief following the SCOTUS reaffirmation of Obamacare (ACA). But I think there is a much bigger decision hanging out there and that is the one on the lawsuit brought by the crAZy legislature against the Arizona Independent Redistricting Commission (AIRC). A zero-sum game will illustrate why I am worried.

Suppose that SCOTUS only had two cases on its agenda - ACA and AIRC - and that, for whatever perhaps internal horse-trading reason, they would negate only one of those laws and affirm the other. Which one would you pick? ACA which impacts millions of people's health care right now? Or AIRC which would negate the voter's intent and instead substitute redistricting by the state lege? If you pick ACA, then the AIRC law goes down and we are faced with institutionalized gerrymandering forever.

So my nightmare comes down to this: we may be faced with Republicans in control of state governments in perpetuity.

Maybe my nightmare will not come to be. Maybe this is not a zero-sum game after all.

We might find out the answer to this one this morning when SCOTUS releases more of its decisions.

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