Wednesday, June 24, 2015


Now I have no idea how you answered, but here are results of two recent polls by CBS and NBC/WSJ.

  1. 62% favor raising social security taxes
  2. 71% favor raising minimum wage
  3. 74% think large corporations have too much influence
  4. 67% believe inequality is getting worse
  5. 68% think taxes should be raised on millionaires
  6. 85% think employers should offer paid sick leave (about the same for paid maternity leave)

If all your answers were "yes", then you are clearly in synch with your country[wo]men. As Steve Benen explains, these sentiments mark the country as left-of-center, not center-right as is often claimed. Results for R's and D's, by the way, on those issues named here, are similar. And that creates a problem for GOPlin candidates.

... many Republican presidential candidates are running on a platform that includes reducing Social Security benefits and raising the retirement age.

In the same poll, respondents were offered a series of possible problems and asked to identify which were the most pressing concerns. The top choice: "Wealthy individuals and corporations will have too much influence" in the upcoming elections.

This, too, makes it that much more difficult for GOP presidential hopefuls to run on a platform that’s indifferent, if not hostile, towards campaign-finance reforms.

But in the broader context, anyone under the impression that this is a center-right nation hostile towards progressive economic ideas needs to take a closer look at the data.

It’s not just this NBC poll; a CBS poll released earlier this month showed huge majorities of Americans endorsing paid sick leave, paid leave for new parents, a minimum-wage increase, and higher taxes on millionaires and billionaires.

So how would you like to be a candidate explaining why you are against that which the majority of the voters are for? To win, we just need to keep pushing GOPlin candidates on those issues.

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