Friday, June 5, 2015

Race to the Bottom update: AZ worst in the nation in K-12 support

Here is one more from AZBlueMeanie, quoting from a Capitol Times report.

A new report from the U.S. Census Bureau (.pdf) affirmed public school advocates’ lament that Arizona is near or at the bottom among the states when it to comes K-12 funding.

The report, which uses fiscal 2013 figures, shows that Arizona spends $7,208 per pupil. In comparison, the US on average allocates $10,700 per pupil.

Arizona lags behind on every major spending breakdown, including wages and benefits, and support services, the report says.

It gets worse: Arizona is No. 48 among the states when it comes to K-12 revenues, and dead last when it comes to spending.

The [above] figures include revenues from all sources, but a breakdown shows that in fiscal 2013, the money available from the state was only $3,116 per student, which puts Arizona at No. 50.

AZ has won this Race to the Bottom.

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