Tuesday, June 9, 2015

What do AZ leaders value? (Hint: education is not on the list.)

This is shaping up to be an education day at SkyIslandScriber. Let's start with David Safier's post at Tucson Weekly/The Range. He exposes the hypocrisy of Duce's claim to value education but not to fund it. Here is part of Safier's post.

... Our governor agrees that preschool and JTED are valuable programs for individual students and for the state. Yet he agreed not to fund them. And the reason he gave is that we can't afford the programs.

Saying we can't afford to fund preschool and JTED at the needed levels is pure, unadulterated bullshit, as is Ducey's position that we can't afford to fund public education at needed levels.

If the programs are as valuable as Ducey says they are, the state has to find ways to fund them. Legislators could, say, keep prison funding stable, or lower it, because we can't afford to raise prison funding right now. Legislators could, say, cut back on some of the tax breaks for corporations because we can't afford to give gifts to corporations right now. Legislators could, say, get rid of the new business tax cuts because we can't afford to cut taxes for businesses when we desperately need funding for our school children.

Legislators could even raise taxes so we could afford to support important government services. Yes, they could, even though it takes a two-thirds majority to raise taxes. All it would take would be a number of Republicans, not all of them, joining Democrats to pass a tax hike. It would be tough, but it's not an impossibility if there's the will. Or they could ask the voters to reverse Proposition 108, passed in 1992, that required the two-thirds vote to raise taxes. Then it would only take the Democratic legislators and a handful of Republicans to reach the simple majority needed to raise taxes.

But our crAZy leaders are not about to take any such actions because they are agin taxes and big gummint.

Perhaps we could present the voters with a checklist "What do you most value?"

  1. tax breaks for corporations
  2. business tax cuts
  3. funding more prisons
  4. funding education

On second thought, I might not want to know the answer.

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