Friday, July 10, 2015

Biggs' Buggering Bug Bites Burghers ...

... to the tune of $1.5 million and change ... and counting.

Laurie Roberts and Mary Jo Pitzl at tag AZ Senate President Andy Biggs with the cost of the AZ Lege lawsuit against the Arizona Independent Redistricting Committee.

That's the amount that Arizona taxpayers are on the hook to pay, because Republican legislators decided to grab some power from the people they (supposedly) represesnt.

Arrogant much?

But don't fret. Senate president Andy Biggs -- the power behind that slap [or sting] you're feeling -- says it's so worth it because it settles the matter.

Actually, I thought the matter had been settled in 2000, when voters overwhelmingly decided to take the Sharpie out of the self-interested hands of legislators.

Here's what our leaders' arrogance cost you: $1,565,353.73.

Not sick yet? That number does not include the other shenanigans, like the suit pertaining to the map drawn by the AIRC. The total bill is likely to be at least double.

Still not feeling that bite? Check out Roberts' report for a listing of who all went to DC on your dime.

All for a losing battle to wrest power from the people.

But we can't possibly fully fund public education.

My title could be shortened a bit to three words. I leave that to you.

burgh·er (bûr′gər) n.
1. A citizen of a town or borough.
2. A comfortable or complacent member of the middle class.

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