Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Bobghazi and Stumpgate update

Caustic comments from Laurie Roberts at on the ongoing saga of Bob Stump's iPhone and his practice of routinely deleting public records. (OK - I don't really know if his emails contained public records, but then that makes me as much an expert on all this as the ACC attorney.)

... the commission's attorney David Cantelme has said that Stump regularly deleted his texts, sent during last year's campaign season. Then, he threw his commission-supplied phone away because it was outdated.

And even if the text messages existed, they likely wouldn't be public record, Cantelme contends, which is something of a feat given that he's never actually seen them.

But what we do know is to claim that the pattern of Stump's texting is coincidence and innocent is too big a lump of excrement to swallow.

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