Thursday, July 9, 2015

Bobghazi update: Arizona Corporation Commissioner Does Not Want to Force APS Disclosure

Subtitle: Commissioner seduced by dark side.

Brief report from AZ Capitol Times (Yellow Sheet Report, Subscription Required).

[AZ Corp. Commissioner Bob] Burns doesn’t sound keen on taking up the Republic’s suggestion that he compel APS to disclose whether it spent money on the Corp Comm race last year. But while Burns might not want to revisit last year’s campaigns, he told our reporter he is interested in what utilities do in next year’s Corp Comm races.

So The Republic's "follow the money" strategy appears DOA. I am not surprised. Commissioner Bob "Texter" Stump is being tried by a jury of his peers (four other Republican commissioners) and is being exonerated. New definition here: "Exonerated: n. Swept under a rug."

I guess the Commission is hoping that all this just goes away. And maybe that APS will see the error of its ways and not pump more dark money into the 2016 race. They prefer a truckload of bandaids over an obvious cure.

In the movie version of this, Darth Money has infected the Arizona Corporation Commission.

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