Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Bobghazi update: More recipients of text messages ID'd in Stumpgate

The Republic/azcentral Laurie Roberts reports.

Last week, we learned that Arizona Corporation Commissioner Bob "the Mad Texter" Stump was texting dark-money maestro/former Arizona Public Service consultant Sean Noble in the month before the 2014 primary election.

This, in addition to his texts to an APS executive, two Corporation Commission candidates favored by APS and a dark money group that spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to get the two candidates elected – money widely believed to have come from by APS.

(It seems utility regulators are an expensive purchase.)

Now comes news that just after trading texts with Noble 18 times over eight days last July (then never again during campaign season), Stump exchanged 18 texts in just 24 hours with a guy named Alan Heywood.

Heywood was the campaign manager for the two APS favored candidates, Tom Forese and Doug Little.

This is corruption defined. That's mild. Read Laurie Roberts' post for a much more damning take on the evidence suggesting that Stump is in a conjugal bed with APS.

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