Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Bobghazi update: Searching for positive in media coverage of Stumpgate

Pardon me for my enduring cynicism. The local media resign this one to last page or no page. The Republic/azcentral has been on this but they tend to hedge their bets. Here is an example of what I mean.

The iPhone that utility regulator Bob Stump used to send text messages will be scanned by Friday to determine if the messages can be retrieved, the Arizona Corporation Commission said.

The commission has selected former Superior Court Judge Stephen Scott to oversee the forensic investigation, which will be performed by the Department of Public Safety.

The government watchdog group trying to access Stump's text messages suggested a Phoenix police detective use her expertise to retrieve the deleted texts, but the commission rejected that proposal.

OK so far. But here is the kicker.

The commission agreed to turn over Stump's phone to a retired judge and allow an expert to attempt retrieval of the messages. If any texts are retrieved, the commission will review them to determine if they are public records that should be released.

Again, pardon my cynicism. The commission is so totally GOP. The commission will make that determination about one of its own? BTW: Bob Stump is a member of the commission that will review the communications of one Bob Stump who works to appoint buddies of Bob Stump.

Without the content of the text messages, it is impossible to determine whether Stump was merely communicating with friends, as he has said, or helping coordinate campaign spending, as Checks and Balances suggests.

And there is the source of my cynicism. "merely communicating with friends"? "impossible to determine"? Really? Time for Mike Wallace to weigh in with "Oh, come on!"

Stump claimed the 70+ emails to buddy Scot Mussli were all about arranging a symphony date and dinner. I get all that done in one phone call. How about all the rest? Here is my guess about the rest of the conversation about that collective symphony date.

  • To Mussli - 73 messages "Good idea, Scot. I'll check with the others about the date."
  • To Noble - 18 messages - "Thanks, Sean, for the promise of Champagne and Chateaubriand. K bros account I hope."
  • To Lockwood - 54 messages - "No, we are not going to do burgers instead. But good news about the APS limo!"
  • To Little - 160 messages - "Doug, please. French fries are OK. They're American, really."
  • To Forese - 8 messages - "No problem, Tom. You can have cheese fries for starters."

Run the numbers. If it took me 323 messages to arrange a TSO concert and dinner after I would instead hang out at the Rialto and go on a hunger strike.

P. S. Sorry, but we only have guesses about the Stump end of the conversation. Maybe no one has thought to get the records from the other phones?

P. P. S. That one-sided conversation exists only in my imagination. But even if the content is not available, we could learn a lot more about this communication if the phone records of the those receiving Stump's texts were published. What if: Noble to/from Lockwood, Forese to/from Noble, Little to/from Lockwood.

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