Sunday, July 26, 2015

GOP's doublespeak response to Trump: When hypocrisy is principle

Leonard Pitts has a perfect take-down for the GOP's responses to Trump's comments about military service. The point is that those who now condemn Trump's attack on John McCain are those who stood by while, or even supported, attacks like those on John Kerry and Max Cleland - all true heroes.

Pitts concludes this way:

This much is surely right: It is a sin to mock the honorable service of those who have gone into harm’s way on their country’s behalf, particularly if, like Trump, you’ve never served a day in your life. We’ve seen a lot of this in recent years: It happened to former Democratic Sen. Max Cleland, who left three limbs in Vietnam, happened to the late Democratic Rep. John Murtha, who spent 37 years in the Marines, happened to Kerry and has happened more than once to McCain.

Principle — a decent respect for the sacrifices of military men and women for this country — demands that patriotic Americans condemn this, no matter who it happens to. But if, somehow, your condemnation depends on whether the insulted person is of your political party, please understand that there is a word for what motivates you, and "principle" is not it.

"Hypocrisy" is.

Pitts' op-ed is in this morning's Daily Star and on-line here.

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