Monday, July 6, 2015

If Mexico doesn't behave, we will send 12 million Mexicans back to Mexico

That's something that you might expect Donald Trump to have said. But he came up short in his interviews. He just threatened to make Mexico pay for the wall.

Exactly how would he deport 12 million people? I mean exactly. Concrete plans, please. Brown shirts in the night? Concentration camps?

And exactly how would he "make" Mexico pay for the wall? I mean exactly. Concrete plans, please. Annex Baja? Send guns to the cartels?

Well, again relying on the wisdom of Mad Max: "There ain't no plan."

But the polls tell us that a lot of Republican voters are eating up Trump's bombastic BS.

Check out Bob Lord's post at Blog for Arizona this morning for possible explanations for Trump's appeal to the dark side of the right wing. And why Dems are deficient in their response.

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