Thursday, July 30, 2015

Just when you thought things could not be worse: Al Melvin is running for Arizona Corruption Commission

Capitol Times reports.

Look on the bright side. Arizona Public Service won't have to pay him off. APS will get a talking head for free. There is plenty of room in Al's head for the APS homunculus.

Sorry - I wrote that before I checked on Al's record. Here is a comment on a Tucson Weekly article on Al's disastrous interview with Anderson Cooper on Al's "yes" vote on SB1062.

Are people here really just discovering what an idiot Al Melvin is and the brand of crap he spews? He has been elected/re-elected three times, apparently the people in his district (11) support his views. Anyone who has a problem with this clown should familiarize themselves with the AZ legislative map and not spend a dime at any business in his district. Kind of ironic that the Arizona Lodging & Tourism Association contributed to Melvin's campaign in 2012 when tourism is the business that gets hurt most by nonsense like SB-1062.

Melvin's top contributors from 2012:

Pinnacle West $1,736

Arizona Association of Realtors $1,300

Salt River Valley Water Users Association $1,000

Arizona Lodging & Tourism Association $700

Pinnacle West is the corporate owner of APS. "Pinnacle West derives essentially all of our revenues and earnings from our wholly-owned subsidiary, Arizona Public Service ("APS")."

So APS already owns Melvin.

Let's rename the Arizona Corporation Commission the Arizona Corruption Commission.

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