Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Will Diane Douglas flunk the civics test?

That's the speculation of The Republic editorial board. To be fair, they cannot be blamed for Douglas; they did endorse Garcia. But we can lay the blame for this one on the voters who mindlessly check off anyone with an "R." Douglas lost her court battle but now refuses to abide by the court ruling.

Diane Douglas never ceases to amaze.

The state superintendent of public education took her feud with the governor-appointed state Board of Education to court, insisting that she and she alone had the authority to hire and fire the board’s staff.

The judge told her she was mistaken. The board has the power to select its staff, Maricopa County Superior Court Judge Patricia Starr ruled.

That should have been the end of it. But Douglas, having already wasted tens of thousands of dollars in taxpayer money, decided to disregard the judge’s ruling. After a board staffer resigned, Douglas sent the board a letter insisting that only she has the power to hire the board’s employees.

You know that civics requirement the Legislature passed this year? Douglas may not be able to pass it.

It's called leading by example.

I think I'll go back to slogging through the bog.

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