Sunday, August 23, 2015

Daily Trumpeter: Trump fires up racist crowd

Here's a report on Trump's Alabama appearance.

GOP presidential frontrunner Donald Trump took his road show to Alabama Friday night, appearing at Ladd–Peebles Stadium before a crowd estimated at 20,000, many of whom matter-of-factly shared their racist views with visiting reporters.

As Trump spoke to to his assembled fans and curiosity seekers, one man could be heard yelling "white power!"

Trumps (sic) comments found favor with many in the cheering crowd with one local man, Jim Sherotta, 53, telling a reporter from, he’d like to see bounties placed upon the heads of undocumented workers coming over the border.

"Hopefully, he’s going to sit there and say, ‘When I become elected president, what we’re going to do is we’re going to make the border a vacation spot, it’s going to cost you $25 for a permit, and then you get $50 for every confirmed kill,'" Sherota explained. "That’d be one nice thing."

Sherrota later stated that he was just kidding.

I am not so sure about that.

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