Sunday, August 23, 2015

Daily Trumpeter: Trump provides cover for the clowns

That's the conclusion of Craig McDermott at B4AZ.

Some people think that GOP candidate for president Donald Trump is "sucking the air out of the room", making it impossible for the other candidates in the field to be heard or gain traction.

I think that instead he is providing cover for them. They get to say some of the most insane, bigoted, and hypocritical things but with public and MSM attention focused on Trump’s latest bout of racism/misogyny/general misanthropy, only the GOP base hears the dog whistles of the rest of the field.

McDermott then lists the insane things said by the Cleveland Clowns and Clownettes. Here are some of my faves from supposedly the less insane clowns.

Jeb Bush – Embraced the nativist wing of the national GOP by defending the use of, and using, the ethnic slur "anchor baby"

John Kasich – Called for the banning of teacher’s lounges in schools because he thinks that all teachers do there is complain

Carly Fiorina – Tried to weasel her way into gaining support from the anti-vaxxer wing of the GOP by advocating making vaccines for non-communicable diseases optional. One problem: every one of the main vaccines given to children as part of going to school is for a communicable disease

Check out the list. You will find much to despise. McDermott concludes:

In most cycles, nearly every single one of the above examples would be cause for a major uproar; in the Year of Trump, they are barely a blip on the MSM’s, and voters’, radars.

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