Friday, August 7, 2015

Ducey dumps on DeWitt: Dark money funds a hit piece on the AZ State Treasurer

Here is the musical version (with apologies to the Beatles) sung to the tune of Get Back.

Ducey was a man elected as the Gov'nor,
and he knew he had to act.
Jeff DeWitt the Treasur' thought he was his own man,
but he got stabbed in the back.

Pay back. Pay back.
Pay back from the Gov you so wronged.

Sean Noble was the man who paid the dark money,
just to do DeWit some bad.
Lisa De Pasquale wrote all the lies and slander,
and put it all in an ad.

Pay back. Pay back.
Pay back for the wrong you done.
Pay back. Pay back.
We hope you are having fun.

Now you can read the nonmusical version of the story from Laurie Roberts at She concludes:

Curiously, De Pasquale doesn't mention why Arizona is "lagging behind" when it comes to K-12 education.

Could it be because the Republican-dominated Legislature has systematically starved public schools while offering several billion dollars in tax cuts over the last 20 years?


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