Thursday, August 27, 2015

Judge rules in favor of medicaid expansion

What's new here is a quote by State Sen. Steve Yarbrough (from this morning's Daily Star).

Had [Judge] Gerlach decided otherwise, the $270 million in state dollars used to fund the expansion would have gone away. That, in turn, would have stopped the flow of federal dollars available through the Affordable Care Act, forcing the state to kick those 350,000 people who have been added since the expansion took effect off the rolls. [And the costs of ER treatment born by hospitals would have jumped back up.]

Wednesday’s ruling is unlikely to be the last word. Senate Majority Leader Steve Yarbrough, R-Chandler, who opposed Medicaid expansion and was one of the plaintiffs in the lawsuit, said an appeal is all but certain. [Why not? It's only your tax money he wants to spend.]

And Yarbrough said it is legally irrelevant if a higher court sides with him and hundreds of thousands of people lose health care. He said that’s not the issue.

"It was never, ever, in my mind about the folks who were being funded or not," he said. "It was simply about what the constitution says and what it contemplates."

Here is some rebranding: "Phoenix: A Town without Pity"

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