Thursday, August 20, 2015

Just when you thought the GOP rhetoric could not be worse: Ben Carson wants to use drones on the border

There is an old saying in the community of psychologists: Psychologists study what ails them. I propose something similar applies to neurosurgeons: Neurosurgeons study what ails them. In the case of GOP candidate Ben Carson, the object of study is the brain. Carson is interested in that organ because his is so damned small.

As evidence I offer this summary of Carson's remarks (by AZBlueMeanie) on the occasion of his campaign visit to crAZy.

Ben Carson visited the Mexico-Arizona border today and brought the cray-cray, suggesting that the U.S. military should use drone strikes, i.e., the summary execution of persons crossing the border without due process of law, to secure the border. I’m guessing this is good for a few more percentage points in that GOP poll.

Soooo, militarize the border, shoot to kill, ask questions later. Your move, Donald. Maybe declare war on Mexico?

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