Friday, August 28, 2015

Just when you thought it could not be worse ...

... along comes another anti-taxer with a ballot proposition designed to wreck the AZ tax structure. AZBlueMeanie (Blog for Arizona) explains.

There has to come a point when abject wilful ignorance crosses some line over into just pure evil.

That’s how I feel about California transplant Lynn Weaver, who is again chairing a committee for an initiative dubbed "Prop. 13 Arizona." Proposed amendment would freeze property valuations. Her hero is that damned old fool Howard Jarvis, may he rot in hell.

This is Weaver’s fourth bid to put the issue on the ballot. Prior efforts in 2008, 2010 and 2012 failed because Weaver did not collect enough signatures.

Among other things, Weaver's initiative would deprive K-12 of much of its revenue. Meanie quotes the Arizona Republic.

It also phases out the personal-property tax over three years. It implodes the current K-12 public-school-funding formula by eliminating primary and secondary property-tax designations.

Arizona is already dead last in funding of public education, and our lawless Tea-Publican legislature is a deadbeat debtor that refuses to pay the judgment it owes to the state’s school districts — some $1.3 billion in back payments and an estimated $330 million per year going forward in future years — and this ignorant, evil woman wants California’s devastating Prop. 13 in Arizona to make things immeasurably worse.

Arizona desperately needs to get away from its over-reliance on the regressive sales tax for tax revenue and return to a balanced approach of income, property, sales and excise taxes/fees for service to alleviate its structural revenue deficit. Arizona’s tax code needs a complete overhaul, but this is not possible as long as Prop. 108, the "two-thirds for taxes" amendment remains law. Ms. Weaver’s "Prop. 13 Arizona" gimmick would only make our situation in Arizona immeasurably worse.

What we really need in this state is a ballot proposition to repeal Prop. 108 (1992), the "two-thirds for taxes" amendment, aka Arizona’s "Mini-Prop. 13," and repealing the property tax limitations suggested by Pima County Supervisor Ray Carroll.

Most of our troubles in this state could be fixed by that one thing - repeal of Prop. 108. Think about it. The quarrel about Medicaid expansion results from the 2/3 rule. So does the "rob Peter to pay Paul" approach by Doozey and the GOP bosses in the Lege.

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