Monday, August 17, 2015

Of Course Not: Dicey Duce and company are painting lipstick on a pig on your dime

Why does the lead story in the print edition of this morning's Daily Star qualify for my Of Course Not series? Read on. And when finished here, check out AZ BlueMeanie's reaction to the story.

The short of it is that Dicey is handing out AZ money to an ad agency (aka his cronies from his Ice Cream Daze) to re-brand Arizona. The whole problem the state faces, they say, is nothing that cannot be handled with some positive messaging. (I can never quite get a handle on it. Either these people are really stupid or else they just think we are.)

If that sounds a lot like selling something like ice cream, that’s no accident: Heasley&Partners did the same thing for Cold Stone Creamery when Doug Ducey was its chief executive.

"There’s actually more similarities than there are differences," said Heasley, whose firm describes itself as a "branding company."

"People buy with their hearts and justify with their minds," she said.

So how does Arizona get to this new message?

"First we find the heart of the state or the organization, or even the person," Heasley explained. "We brand people, too."

Stop and think. Let your imagination take over. See what you can create with these elements. (1) A long metal rod with a iron logo attached saying "AZ: The Education State". (2) A very hot fire. (3) An AZ tax payer.

Scarpinato [Dicey spokesman and head of the state Department of Apologists] said it’s just a coincidence that Heasley’s company, which did work for Ducey in his ice cream days, got the contract. He said it was awarded through a competitive bidding process.

If you believe that, bend over. These folks will brand you while they're sticking it to you.

But no one could say what all this is going to cost.

Of Course Not.

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