Saturday, August 29, 2015

Quote of the day

If you mindlessly vote party line, you get unqualified idiots like Diane Douglas, the Superintendent of Public Instruction. Laurie Roberts (The Republic/ summarizes Douglas' sub-kindergarten tantrums. So far, Douglas has done nothing, NOTHING, of value for our educational needs. She just runs around picking fights. Fortunately, she loses them. Here's the quote.

Reader after reader expressed shock that Douglas could continue carrying on like a kinderg…oops, I mean a baby when Arizona’s schools so desperately need a boost.

"I am a registered Republican but this is what you get when you just vote party," wrote Craig Heustis of Buckeye, on my Facebook page. "Base your vote on the research you can do on the qualifications of the person regardless of party."

If more R's had done that, among other things, we might have a reasonable budget, a resolution of the school funding fight, action on dark money, and a Corporation Commission that works for AZ citizens and not for the corporations they are supposed to regulate.

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