Saturday, August 15, 2015

Social Security at 80: How to make it reach 800

A reader of the Daily Star has a simple solution.

Take Social Security deduction on all income

Re: Aug. 10 article "Social Security, nearly 80, at crossroads."

Why can’t we just take a Social Security deduction on all income. Why stop at $118,500?

This certainly would solve the problem.

I shudder when I hear talk of cutting benefits. Congress people who support this probably do not understand that there are people in this country living on Social Security. Are we that cruel a society that we would want more people homeless?

Many in Congress, like Sen. Orrin Hatch are concerned about the debt. Some of these same Congress members never saw an opportunity for war that they objected to. War is costly and we are still paying for the past wars. We spend more on defense than the next 10 developed countries. Why?

Rosemary Hallinan
Northeast side

There is no reason to stop at $118,500 ... unless you earn a lot more than $118,500. Protecting SS for the many might mean a larger SS deduction for the few. Oh, the horror!

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