Saturday, August 15, 2015

Week in review

Via email, two items from Julie Erfle at Progress Now Arizona.

We don’t give a damn about our bad reputation

Two companies gave a tell-all to the Phoenix Business Journal this week, saying they took a pass on Arizona and chose to relocate to places that value education and diversity.

"They were afraid they would not find good schools for their children. They also felt that the state’s reputation for poor education would affect the ability to recruit talent from outside."

"Your sheriff puts a bad face on your brand out here (in the business world)."

Turns out, there’s more to attracting businesses than just low taxes.

Show me the tax cuts

Because he doesn’t seem to care about our bad reputation, Governor Ducey dismissed using the budget surplus to settle the lawsuit with schools, which would offer much-needed and immediate resources for our students. Instead, the Governor said he’s committed to additional tax cuts.

It’s time for our Governor to come back from his trip across the rainbow. Please take a moment to email the Governor at this link. Tell him to settle the lawsuit and focus on doing what’s best for Arizona.

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